Brush clearing and land clearing Medina County Tx


4D Land Services is proud to serve Medina County.

  Medina County is immediately west of Bexar County in southwest Texas.  Hondo, the county seat, is located near the geographic center of the  county at 29°17' north latitude and 99°02' west longitude, 100 miles  from the Mexican border at Eagle Pass. The Medina River, from which the  county derives its name, traverses the northeastern portion of the  county. The western part is drained by the Frio River. Medina County  covers 1,331 square miles with elevations ranging from 1,995 feet in the  northern Hill Country to as low as 635 feet in the southern region.  Annual rainfall averages 28.43 inches.

 Most subsurface or ground waters in Medina County are artesian; two  major subsurface water belts are the Edwards Aquifer and the Carrizo  Sand Aquifer. 

 The largest community in Medina County is Hondo, the  county’s seat of government. Other sizable towns include Devine , Castroville, La Coste .


4D Land Services provides forestry mulching services, land clearing cedar and brush mulching, all types of brush clearing and land improvements using a variety of techniques in the Texas hill country , central Texas, South Texas and parts of West Texas.  

We offer forestry mulching and brush chipping - grinding where the end product is a  Environmentally friendly layer of mulch and no burning required. 

We also offer pile and burn land clearing using tree shears, grapple and grubber where brush pile burning is required. 

Located in Bandera county Texas we are a family owned and operated land improvement business that takes cedar clearing and land clearing seriously. If your looking for a quality and trusted Texas land clearing service, look no further.

We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable, dependable, clearing and improving land quickly and as safely as possible, and at the best price  possible. We enjoy serving Texas , and  above all, high-quality service.      




  • Specialize in selective land clearing  Cedar, Mesquite,  Huisache and other brush.  
  • Over grown property Mulching dense brush and underbrush with a high speed forestry mulcher capable of mulching up cedar,  mesquite and all other brush up to 10 inches in diameter. This attachment is powerful and will get the job done.
  • Property beautification - selective clearing (mulching all the underbrush so you can see your big valuable trees)
  • Farm - ranch brush maintenance and improvements.
  • Hunting lease brush maintenance and improvements
  • Clearing new growth, old growth, heavy underbrush, pastures etc.
  • Reclaim overgrown property.
  • Ranch habitat improvement.
  • Grapple attachment work 
  • Oilfield work  
  • Cutting sendaros, Shooting Lanes
  • Repair roads and drainage issues
  • Clearing fence lines
  • Tree shearing. 
  • Dead tree - oak wilt removal (into burn piles) 
  • HOA maintenance
  • Horse, hunting, hiking , and ATV trails. 
  • Large and Small Acreage
  • Individual or Commercial
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Fence & Survey Line Clearing
  • Pipeline Right of Ways
  • Fire Breaks
  • Seismic Oil Exploration Lines
  • Clearing for subdivisions
  • Trails & road clearing
  • Home Site Lot Clearing
  • Utility Easements
  • Utility Right-Of-Ways – ROW
  • Clearing under and around Oak and  Pecan Trees
  • Wildlife Habitat Restoration
  • Mulching of Brush Piles, old and new

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